Learn about World-changing Women Sponsorship! Contact susan@consciouscomag.com

Learn about World-changing Women Sponsorship! Contact susan@consciouscomag.com


You probably know the dismal stats about women in business. Only 25 of the Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. Women still make 79 percent of the wages for the same work as men. Only 20% of all business investment goes into women-led businesses — and that’s even worse for women of color. The list goes on.

Conscious Company Media is the leading voice of the conscious business movement, articulating how and why diversity, equitable opportunity, and triple-bottom-line practices are good for not just the world, but also for business. Since our inception in 2015, we have covered hundreds of female CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders and know firsthand how this inspired group of changemakers are reinventing business as usual with women in leadership positions.

The goal of the World-Changing Women Platform is to share the stories of women making a positive impact through business through our podcast, honor the women who are making a difference with our World-Changing Women List, and provide a physical gathering space for these women who are passionate about furthering the conscious business movement as a whole, as well as empowering future generations of women to be more equally represented in the private sector through the World-Changing Women Summit.

What makes the World-Changing Women Summit different?

The World-changing Women’s Summit will bring together the who’s who of female leaders in the conscious business movement. The gathering will focus on intimate peer-to-peer connection, deep-dive discussions, and facilitating the raw conversations that will actually move the needle on how we as a society can encourage more women in positions of leadership.

We embrace the growing evidence that supports the importance of rest and rejuvenation in the roles of learning, creativity, energy levels, and more. The setting of this summit, 1440 Multiversity, is located deep in the redwoods and built around the notion of self-care in concert with connection and growth. Their gourmet kitchen focuses on healthy, nutrient-rich meals, and a program of yoga, meditation, art, and massage will be available to all summit attendees.  

Who is our audience?

Our audience is women or gender non-conforming persons who identify as change agents and leaders in her/their community, especially founders, CEOs, executives, investors, and intrapreneurs involved with conscious businesses.

Learn about World-changing Women Sponsorship! Contact susan@consciouscomag.com