What is Conscious Leadership?

The word “conscious” is popping up a lot lately as we work towards building more resilient, authentic and human-centered leaders and businesses. But what does conscious leadership look like in action when it comes to the everyday challenges of running a team or business?

Hear what leading experts and corporate leaders are doing to establish conscious, cohesive workplaces in the business community as they discuss new approaches and their own learning experiences. If you are a current executive or aspiring leader, identifying what practices work best for you will help you to articulate a clear and effective leadership style that resonates with next generation business culture.

This event covers a topic that will be heavily emphasized at the Conscious Company Leaders Forum, June7-9. If you are curious to know more about who will be there and how to get involved, visit http://consciouscompanymedia.com/forum.

Key Takeaways

  • Finding your own “True North” as a Leader. Being authentic, and vulnerable in the age of transparency
  • Uncovering the key insights about your own personal strengths and weakness using ancient techniques
  • Learn about new approaches for identifying your team members’ strengths so you can foster their brilliance within projects
  • Identify and discover know how to prevent workplace miscommunications
  • Simple and practical techniques to get present within yourself and with your team for effective meetings.

Kim Rubey
Head of Global Communications and Strategic Engagement at AirBNB

Katy Bray headshot

Katy Bray
Co-founders at Lead With the Lights On

Zeb Severson

Zeb Severson
Co-founders at Lead With the Lights On

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