Content Marketing For Entrepreneurs: How to Be Lean And Effective At The Same Time March 29, 2017

Entrepreneurs often make the common mistake of going too big, too fast when it comes to content marketing. Instead of deploying a robust (and costly) strategy and then struggling to support it with personnel, bandwidth and money, there are lots of things entrepreneurs can do with the content resources they already have to improve their brand. These three content marketing experts have worked with high-profile brands like Samsung and Sony and mission-driven business favorites like SOCAP and BALLE, and look forward to sharing their years of collective experience with you. Attend this one-hour webinar and leave with immediately applicable techniques for being effective without breaking the bank, or your back!

What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is a strategic form of marketing that focuses on the creation and sharing of material (such as blogs, videos, email, social media posts, articles, webinars, etc.) that is expressly aimed at proving valuable, relevant and consistent information to the audiences the brand is looking to reach. It is unique from most other forms of marketing in that it does not explicitly work to sell products or services, but rather inform and educate audiences, and provide content of value to them and their lives. Its purpose is to foster long term human-to-human and brand-to-human relationships, and ultimately to drive profitable customer interactions.

Panelists include:

Jared Levy
Board member for the Social Venture Network, a premier socially responsible business community, and for the Love Serve Remember (Ram Dass’) Foundation. He is an adjunct professor for the University of Colorado advertising program and is founder and CEO of Guru Media Solutions, a nimble, mindfully different strategic marketing agency focusing on empowering movements and purpose driven brands.

Steve Morris
Founder of Mth Degree, a purpose-driven, strategic branding and marketing agency. Their expertise and passion is centered on working with purpose, making authentic connections, amplifying value to business and the world—and motivating people to live more inspired lives. Clients have included Samsung, LG, Sony, The San Diego Chargers, The San Diego Padres, Green Flash Brewing Co., Fleet Science Center, Ashford University, Bridgepoint Education and Northwestern University.

Leah Quintal
Director of SEO and Content Strategy at JB Media, a digital marketing agency dedicated to increasing the reach and impact of mission-driven companies and organizations. The team at JB Media offers a full spectrum of content marketing services: strategy, research, writing, advertising, social media, partner marketing, and PR. Clients include SOCAP, BALLE, and MissionHub.

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