Business Modeling Tool: Build a Conscious Company from the Bottom Up

Conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders often know they want to integrate purpose, and social and environmental consciousness as they build out their product and/or service operation, but don’t know where to begin.

Presidio Graduate School’s “Business Sustainability Booster” a.k.a.  BSB was created based on the concept that sustainability must be a building block of a successful conscious company, not an afterthought. BSB is a free, self-guided business modeling tool that guides users on how to bake sustainability into every aspect of an organization. Inspired by the popular Business Model Canvas (BMC), it incorporates sustainability into a familiar, easy-to-use business modeling approach.

Marsha Willard, co-author of the tool, will lead a presentation to explain its use and demonstrate its application to a variety of businesses and industries.

All registered webinar participants will receive a free copy of the tool.

Marsha Willard, PhD, ISSP-CSP
Marsha Willard, PhD, ISSP-CSP is core faculty at Presidio Graduate School and principal of AXIS Performance Advisors, a Northwest-based consulting firm helping organizations across all sectors become more sustainable. She is co-founder, and former Executive Director, of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. The Business Sustainability Booster is the result of her experiences implementing sustainability and will be available for free through the Presidio Graduate School.

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