In this free PDF, learn what a conscious company is, how it works, and critical practices to implement right away.

If you’re like most business people, you keep hearing about companies with strong cultures and great purpose. You’ve heard that these companies are usually exemplary performers, and you’re interested in learning more — but there are about four reasons you haven’t done it:

  1. You’re not sure how conscious your company is. You’ve got a pretty good culture and your people seem happy enough.
  2. You already have too much to do at work and the thought of taking on another major project seems overwhelming.
  3. Between B Corp certification, CSR, charitable giving, volunteerism, Conscious Capitalism, and a dozen other related approaches, you don’t know where to start.
  4. You are not sure if you could get enough buy-in from your team to make a real difference.

If any or all of those reasons ring true, this guide is for you.

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About “How to Become a Conscious Business”

Nathan Havey, the founder and CEO of Thrive Consulting Group, is the result of years of study, conversations with close to 100 conscious business leaders, and lessons learned from failures and successes as he and his partners have helped companies become conscious.

While no two conscious businesses look exactly the same, there are several key ideas common to every high-performing conscious company he’s studied. What’s more, many of the failures they’ve seen and experienced have come when one of these key ideas was missing. These ideas complement each other, creating a virtuous circle when all are present in a company.

Download the guide now for an introduction to each of these key ideas in turn, and you’ll see what this looks like inside a real company that’s becoming conscious. Finally, you’ll learn the four essential practices for becoming a conscious company. Ready?

The guide includes:

  • Why become a conscious company
  • How to think about a purpose beyond profit
  • The secret to employee engagement
  • Why rejecting business tradeoffs is great for the bottom line
  • What matters most in leadership training
  • A real world case study from an emerging conscious company
  • Four essential practices to implement now
  • Next steps to go deeper.


Nathan Havey

Nathan Havey is the founder and CEO of Thrive Consulting Group, a company that exists to make conscious business the new business as usual. Thrive’s signature offering is The Workshop on Conscious Business.

Businesses that pursue a clear purpose beyond profit, strive to create value for all their stakeholders (not just shareholders), and insist on developing leaders that create a culture of care and safety rather than control and fear outperform their peers by wide margins. The Workshop on Conscious Business leverages these ideas to help business leaders identify opportunities for improvement in the personal, social, and financial results they create. This is more than corporate social responsibility, it is more than “giving back”. This is proactively leveraging the organizing force of capitalism to solve humanity’s challenges.

Havey is a sought-after speaker on conscious business from audiences across the country. Havey serves on the advisory board to Conscious Company Magazine.