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Still learning the difference between a B Corp and a Benefit Corporation, or trying to untangle the alphabet soup of SRI, ESG, and CSR? You’ve come to the right place!

Here at Conscious Company Media, our mission is to redefine success in business in service of all life. We’re part of a large and growing movement of leaders who are saying a big no to business as usual, and a big yes to placing equal weight on people and planet as they do profit.

This forward-thinking community of leaders is using the creative power of business to envision and invoke a more socially just, environmentally sustainable, and fulfilling world.

We’re a diverse and varied movement, including groups you might have heard of like Conscious Capitalism, B Corps, the Pachamama Alliance, and Social Venture Network, and with varied stakeholders including impact investors, social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, forward-thinking CEOs, executives, consultants, coaches, thought leaders, and more.

We publish cutting-edge resources, inspiring stories and actionable tips for conscious business practitioners wherever you are on your Conscious Business journey. If you’re just getting going, this collection of classic and timeless Conscious Company articles should give you a good primer on the what, why, how, and who of the conscious business world.

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