There are some people in this world who, when they identify a problem, they dive right into the deep end to try to fix it. Molly Hawyard is one of these people. Molly is the founder and CEO of Cora, which is a certified organic tampon company that provides menstural products for girls in need around the world for every box of tampons that you buy. You see, the problem is that millions of young girls around the globe miss school or work during their periods because they can’t afford menstrual supplies. Over 300 million girls are forced to use rags, plastics, and ash to manage their periods, forcing nearly 1 in 4 girls in India alone to drop out of school once she hits puberty. As soon as Molly learned about this problem, she set out to start a social enterprise that would address it and started Cora. This was a story that we covered in 2015 in Conscious Company Magazine, and I most recently saw Cora being sold at Target. I sat down with Molly to hear the inside story of how she got Cora off the ground, how she managed to grow a company in such a taboo area, and what advice for other entrepreneurs that she has learned along the way.

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