Where are you from?
Born & raised in Chicago, and there have been many journeys along the way. These days I happily split my time between Boulder, CO and Bainbridge Island, WA.

How’d you get to where you are today?
Long story, so I’ll just focus on the highlights. I started cooking professionally when I was 14. I went to Bard for my undergraduate education and earned a dual major in sculpture and philosophy of aesthetics. As you might imagine, I kept cooking… there are not tons of jobs waiting for young graduates with sculpture and philosophy degrees. My work took me from the Hudson Valley to Nantucket to Europe and eventually back to Chicago, then to Boulder. Meghan and I met while working at Slow Money, and about a year later, decided to start Conscious Company. I guess it all comes down to a love of adventure, being OK walking a different path, and trusting my instincts along the way.

Cooking, gardening and landscaping, spending time with my dog, running, stand up paddleboarding, yoga, fixing up old furniture, remodeling houses, walking in the woods.

Why do you work for Conscious Company?
Because I believe that business can and should be a force for good. I believe this is where the economy needs to go, and where it is going. I don’t believe we can rely on politics and philanthropy to drive all of the systemic change we need to see, but I believe the private sector can do it much more readily and effectively. Triple bottom line businesses consider the environment and all stakeholders.
Whether looking at things through the lens of resources and our need to be more respectful and conservative overall, or looking at things through the lens of people and the importance of taking care of your customers, your current team, and future talent — businesses that operate this way will not only be more resilient, they will be more profitable too.

What inspires you?
Kindness. Integrity. Generosity. Humility.

Fun facts?
I love power tools.

What gives you hope for the future?
People. Not only young people who want careers that are interwoven with purpose, but customers who are caring more and more about the way products are made, what goes into them, and where they came from.