Art Director

Where are you from?
Sollentuna, outside of Stockholm, Sweden. I moved to the US at the age of 22 and now I live in Fort Collins, CO. I call both places “home.”

How’d you get to where you are today?
Design has always been a part of my life, and I went to a high school focusing on fine arts and art history. I found that my favorite art medium was print, but didn’t know where to go with it. I took a few years off after high school, until I found that graphic design was something I wanted to explore more. While searching for design schools, I met my husband (who is American) and decided to come over to the States, where I attended the Art Institute in Denver. My first design job out of college was with a magazine, and I love the process of “making a magazine.”

Music, design, remodels, and family time. I am a music junkie, and I am always searching for new things to listen to. I always look for inspiration in design in all shapes and forms. If I didn’t do graphic design, I would be an interior designer. I love to makeover spaces, find the potential and make it pretty. I also spend a lot of time chasing my sons around, watching them play sports, taking them skiing and exploring. I stay calm and focused when things get stressful, and always try to keep a positive attitude.

Why do you work for Conscious Company?
I had the chance to be part of the magazine from the beginning and shape the look and identity from start, which has always been a dream of mine. I love that I have flexible work hours that work with my crazy schedule of raising two sons, and I never fret a Monday because my job is fun! I work with a group of amazing people who are excited about their mission and extraordinarily driven.

What inspires you?
Music, design all around me, colors, nature.

Fun facts?
I have lived in the States for 16 years, and I have yet to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a corn dog.

What gives you hope for the future?
My kids. People who are open to change. Getting older, knowing what I want in life, and not being afraid of it.