June 6-8, 2018

Scotts Valley, CA


For three days, the top business leaders in the conscious business movement will gather in the redwood forests outside of Santa Cruz for an intimate gathering to have deep discussions about the topics that matter most to them. The Conscious Company Leaders Forum is about the experience — a curated group of leaders connecting around the shared interests, common goals, and collective challenges that come with being a truly conscious business leader.

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“It was the best thing I did in 2017.”

“Beautiful, well planned event. Full of heart and intention with backbone.”

“Incredible experience. Within the top three conferences I’ve ever attended.”

June 2017 Photos

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Past Speakers

The guest speakers who appeared at the June 2017 forum.


Rick Ridgeway

VP of Environmental Affairs, Patagonia

testing kat

Kat Taylor

Co-founder and Co-CEO, Beneficial State Bank


Adam Lowry

Co-founder, Method & Co-founder and Co-CEO, Ripple Foods

JB Headshot

Joey Bergstein

COO, Seventh Generation


Tiffany McNeil

Director, Mission, Strategy & Insights, Plum Organics


Shannon Di Donato

SVP, Human Resources, Clif Bar & Co


Michele Bousquet

Director, Organizational Development, GoPro


Scott Shute

Chief Mindfulness Officer, LinkedIn


Akaya Windwood

President, Rockwood Leadership Institute


Cory Smith

Co-founder and CEO, Wisdom Labs

Alfa Demmellash, Cheif Executive Officer of Rising Tide Capital headquartered in Jersey City.   Jersey City,NJ 10/10/0912:31:34 PM  Joe Epstein/For The Star-Ledger

Alfa Demmellash

Co-founder and CEO, Rising Tide Capital


Robert Egger

Founder and President, L.A. Kitchen


Marc Lesser

Former CEO, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI)


Gerry Valentine

Founder, Vision Executive Coaching


Lynne Twist

Co-founder, Pachamama Alliance and Founder, The Soul of Money Institute


Lisa Dyson

CEO, Kiverdi


Doug Rauch

Former President, Trader Joe's & Founder and President, Daily Table


Rand Stagen

Managing Director of the Stagen Leadership Academy


Pamela Chaloult


Vince Siciliano

Vincent Siciliano

CEO, New Resource Bank


David Brodwin

Co-founder and Vice President, Media and Communications, ASBC


Mike Brady

CEO, Greyston Bakery


Ben Anderson

Chief B Keeper, B Lab


Jenny Sauer-Klein

Founder & Director at Culture Conference


Erin Wade

Co-founder & CEO, Homeroom


Simon Mainwairing

CEO, We First


Matthew Griffin

Co-Founder, Combat Flip Flops


Diana Chapman

Co-founder, The Conscious Leadership Group


Jared Levy

Founder, Guru; Board Member, SVN


Peter Weng

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at SIYLI


Jacqueline Carter

Partner, The Potential Project


Julie van Amerongen

Director of Programs & Events, Conscious Capitalism


Allison Milne

Sustainability Consultant, Oxfam

Past Agenda

The prior agenda from the June 2017 forum.

Pre-Event Workshop

Foundations of Mindful Leadership

June 7, 2017

8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
This course is designed to be an overview to help leaders build the core mental habits to effectively lead teams with mindfulness in complex, high-performance environments. Using science-based, highly practical tools emphasizing mindfulness and emotional intelligence, leaders will bolster their personal capacity for: 
  • Leadership resilience and mental clarity amidst complexity and change 
  • Emotional intelligence skills including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management 
  • Effective communication and influence skills 
  • Greater understanding, empathy, and compassionate leadership
Meg Levie, Master Facilitator
Cory Smith, CEO, Wisdom Labs


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

June 7

Thinking BIG


Welcome Conversation

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Session 1

Shared Learning: Real Conversations About Cultivating Conscious Leadership, Authentic Purpose, and True Impact facilitated by Rand Stagen

1:00 PM - 1:50 PM

Session 2

Keynote Leaders Discussion: How Purpose Drives Workplace Performance

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

More and more, the word "purpose" continues to come up in the context of business. But why is purpose in the workplace actually important? In this session, we will explore why purpose will be the foundation of the workplace of the future and how it’s creating significant benefit for those who already incorporate it. Hear from leading brands, like Clif Bar and the Honest Company, as they explore the benefits of incorporating purpose at work, including:

  • Driving workplace performance
  • Attracting and retaining leading talent
  • Increasing employee engagement and innovation
  • Creating loyal brand advocates
  • Reigniting the power passion in our day to day work
Shannon Di Donato, SVP, Human Resources, Clif Bar & Co
Simon Mainwairing, CEO, We First
Erin Wade, Co-founder & CEO, Homeroom
Doug Rauch, Former President, Trader Joes; Founder, The Daily Table; Board Member, Conscious Capitalism

Shared learning: Purpose in your workplace

3:15 pm - 4:05 pm



4:05 pm - 4:25 pm

Session 3

It’s Time for Business to Take a Stand:

How Leading Brands Are Standing Up For the Causes They Care About and How It’s Helping Their Brand and Bottom Line

4:25 pm - 5:20 pm

We're living in challenging times. The country feels divided and the causes that many of us care about — from environmental protection and human rights to climate change and economic inclusion — are under attack. In this session, we will examine what responsibility business leaders have to take a stand on the causes they care about and how leading brands and business leaders are already doing so. Hear firsthand how major brands like AirBNB and Beneficial State Bank are:

  • Building the corporate framework for advocating for causes they care about
  • Creating a platform to use their businesses to affect larger change
  • Taking Agency over their roles as leaders in society
  • Gaining loyal customers through business advocacy efforts
testing kat
Kat Taylor, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Beneficial State Bank
Joey Bergstein, COO, Seventh Generation
Rick Ridgeway, VP of Environmental Affairs, Patagonia

Deep dive group conversation: Defining your corporate values

5:20 pm - 6:00 pm


Conscious Leader Awards Recognition

6:00 pm - 6:20 pm


6:20 pm - 7:30 pm

World Changing Visionary: Fireside Interview

7:45 pm - 8:30 pm
Lynne Twist, Co-founder, Pachamama Alliance and Founder, The Soul of Money Institute

Connective Conversation Over Drinks

8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

June 8

Taking Action



7:00 am - 8:30 am

Opening Conversation

8:30 am - 8:45 am

Session 1

Values-based Leadership:

A candid discussion of what it means to bring your values to your leadership role and into the workplace

8:45 am - 9:45 am

In this session, we will explore the real-world benefits of incorporating conscious leadership principles and personal beliefs into your work and dive deep into the practical components of implementing values-based leadership in the workplace — the “how to” behind exploring conscious leadership and the tangible benefits that result from doing so.
Hear how leaders are tackling their biggest challenges using this approach by:

  • Incorporating mindfulness in a secular and easily accessible way
  • Creating corporation-wide conscious leadership programs
  • Cultivating a culture that encourages the work-life balance needed to maintain team member retention and quality of life for all.
  • Decreasing team member stress and anxiety while increasing productivity and day to day joy
  • Enhancing the customer experience through engaged happy employees (and you as leader)
Scott Schute, VP Global Customer Operations & Chief Mindfulness Officer, LinkedIn
Cory Smith, Co-founder and CEO, Wisdom Labs
Michele Bousquet, Director, Organizational Development, GoPro

Shared Learning: Diving Deep Into Your Personal and Corporate Values

9:45 am - 10:25 am


Serendipity Break

10:25 am - 11:00 am

Session 2

What are our blind spots? Holding up the mirror as a conscious leader, business, and movement

11:00 am - 11:45 am

We all have blind spots — areas that need improvement that we may not even be aware of. In this raw session, we will have an honest conversation about many of the blind spots that we have as a leaders, as businesses, and as a conscious business movement.

Gerry Valentine, Founder, Vision Executive Coaching
Matthew Griffin, Co-Founder, Combat Flip Flops
Allison Milne, Sustainability Consultant, Oxfam

Small Group Discussions: Addressing Your Personal Blind Spots

11:45 am - 12:15 pm


Lunch and learn roundtables

12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Session 3

CEO Confidential

1:45 pm - 2:15 pm
Adam Lowry, Co-founder, Method & Co-founder and Co-CEO, Ripple Foods

Session 4

Making an Impact: The "How to" Behind Using Your Company or Your Position as Tool for Good

2:20 pm - 3:35 pm

Business, when designed to do so, can be the largest driver of positive change that the world has ever seen. In this session, we will hear from some of the most innovative brands in the space — like Ripple Foods — on a wide-range of topics including:

  • How they are intentionally using their companies for good
  • What it takes to create a product that “IS” good
  • How doing good has affected their bottom line
  • What wisdom they’ve gained along their respective journeys
Alfa Demmellash, Cheif Executive Officer of Rising Tide Capital headquartered in Jersey City.   Jersey City,NJ 10/10/0912:31:34 PM  Joe Epstein/For The Star-Ledger
Alfa Demelash, Co-founder and CEO, Rising Tide Capital
Robert Egger, Founder and President, L.A. Kitchen
Mike Brady, CEO, Greyston Bakery
Lisa Dyson, CEO, Kiverdi



3:45 pm - 4:05 pm

Session 5

Uniting the tribes: how we can work together to create greater change?

4:05 pm - 5:00 pm

In this unique session, we will hear perspectives from the leaders of many of the key industry groups in the space on how we can affect greater change, together.

David Brodwin, Co-founder and Vice President, Media and Communications, ASBC
Ben Anderson, Chief B Keeper, B Lab
Pamela Chaloult, COO, BALLE
Jared Levy, Founder, Guru; Board Member, SVN
Julie van Amerongen, Director of Programs & Events, Conscious Capitalism

Deep dive: Uniting the Tribes

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Closing and Dinner

Closing Conversation

6:00 pm - 6:15 pm


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Optional sunset hike

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

June 9

Coalition Building



7:00 am - 8:30 am

Opening Conversation

8:30 am - 8:50 am

Session 1

Best Practices for True Wellness Work

8:50 am - 9:40 am

Traditionally, when we think about wellness, we think about HR programs that give our team members massage, time off, and old-school team building outings. But is that “wellness” or just temporary relief of the stress and isolation seen commonly at work?

In this eye opening discussion, we’ll go into the real definition of wellness and what world-class wellness oriented organizations are doing to create an environment that is human first. Hear the experts and in-house champions tell the tale of what it took to:

  • Build the executive level buy-in to transform the way wellness was addressed
  • Leverage existing research to create a case for the importance of working less for better results.
  • Create work-life balance programs that make every employee feel cared for and able to be at one with the challenges of modern life
Marc Lesser, Former CEO, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
Tiffany McNeil, Director, Mission, Strategy & Insights, Plum Organics

Session 2

Building Your Own Community of Leaders: Addressing Loneliness at the Top

9:50 am - 10:40 am

Being a leader can be a lonely endeavor — from making the tough call to finding balance with the demands on your time. In this session, conscious leadership experts will dive deep into key insights for creating a community of peers around you who can support you on your journey.
You’ll hear the raw stories and insights from those that have crossed the lonely leader desert and how they broke the vicious cycle of leadership demands like:

  • Unravelling past beliefs of what it means to be a leader and entrepreneur to regain happiness and balance
  • Understanding the true strength in being vulnerable and receiving feedback
  • Discovering the powerful forces of having a support system and routine to nourish your soul
  • Prioritizing the human connection and creating meaningful relationships versus distance from others.
Akaya Windwood, President, Rockwood Leadership Institute
Vince Siciliano
Vincent Siciliano, CEO, New Resource Bank
Jacqueline Carter, Partner, The Potential Project

Session 3

From Inner Change to External Impact: Moving Yourself From Fear to Trust

10:45 am - 11:30 am
Diana Chapman, Co-founder, The Conscious Leadership Group


Closing Conversation

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Feel free to email with any questions.