Biggby Q&A

Bob Fish + Mike McFall
 Co-CEOs of Biggby Coffee

Join us for what is certain to be a keep-it-real Q&A session with co-CEOs of Biggby Coffee, Bob Fish and Mike McFall. After starting their coffee franchise from a single store in East Lansing, Michigan, Biggby has grown to 200 stores across nine states. In 2014, the company was bringing in $83 million in annual revenue with growth hovering around 20 percent for a decade. But this success had come at a great cost; the workplace culture of Biggby has become toxic and cynical. When Bob & Mike learned that their company had a toxic culture, they became dedicated to turning it around.

Read or listen to the back story on Biggby here, and then join us for the Q&A to dive deeper into the art of crafting long-lasting, superb workplace culture as an engine for growth.


Transcript Available Soon!

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