Carol Sanford

Carol Sanford has been a regenerative business educator since 1975. She’s a senior fellow for social innovation and executive in residence at Babson College, and hosts an annual Regenerative Business Summit. You can find a more detailed presentation of the developmental phases of a conscious business in her latest book, “The Regenerative Business: Redesign Work, Cultivate Human Potential, Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes.”

She has been leading major consulting change efforts in both Fortune 500 and new-economy businesses for more than 35 years. Her client list includes Colgate, DuPont, Intel, Agilent and leaders of corporate responsibility such as Seventh Generation. Her work is also used in a Google Innovation Lab. Carol has published work in 10 different languages, including a series of articles in Executive Excellence and Stephen Covey’s newsletter and At Work. She holds undergraduate degrees from UC Berkeley in economics and public law and a graduate degree from California State University, San Jose, in urban planning.

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